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About us

A bit of our history.

We were born more than six years ago in Argentine Patagonia and over time we have expanded our borders, strategically positioning our central branch in the province of Buenos Aires.

Our agency is constituted from a multidisciplinary team of high training and experience, specialists in Human Resources, Business and Development. Since 2020 we have incorporated the export of services to our portfolio, reaching other Latin American countries such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

We provide recruitment and selection services for the IT, Oil & Gas and Mining industries. Our IT Recruiting sector is constantly growing!

  • Recruitment services.
  • Training.
  • Business consulting.


Our professional service is developed based on the application of technical procedures with the support of a team of academic level and extensive experience in each area.


People are the most important thing in an organization. We provide specialized recruitment and selection services for the IT, Oil & Gas and Mining industries. Our IT Recruiting sector is constantly growing!

Consulting in Business Strategy

Our Consultancy in Planning and Management of Business Strategies offers an innovative look towards growth in search of the alternatives that best fit the goals of your organization.


We have In-Company training oriented to Human People, IT and Oil and Mining Industries. Our E-Learning methodology is based on agile learning techniques that allow your company's staff to obtain knowledge in a solid and efficient way.

Why choose our services?

We are an innovative option for the training and selection of people in Latin America.

The dynamism of today's world requires the analysis and application of strategies focused on the specific needs of the client in each situation.

Our proven ability to adapt and efficiently restructure is what has led us to growth in recent years. We want the same for our clients!

We comply with the agreed times

When there is commitment there is no waiting. In all our services we commit to specific compliance times.

We work side by side with our clients

From the first day we determine efficient mechanisms of communication and active planning for the achievement of the entrusted objectives.

We apply customized solutions for each company

Our approach to work is based on the analysis of specific contingencies and the particular environment in which your organization finds itself.


Company clients


Years of continuous growth


People we have trained


Countries we have reached

Our service goes far beyond traditional methodologies.

Recruitment involves a comprehensive process that must start with planning specifically designed to optimize the search and minimize the management risks associated with it.

This allows us to develop a transparent selection process characterized by the application of a dynamic analysis of people in permanent comparison with the qualities required by the position.

We have plans for all business levels. Contact us

We are advisors and developers.

We have aulaworking.com, our own system that combines different tools for Recruitment, and Labor and Pre-Labor Training.

Our systems are the ideal complement to provide our customers with the best service.

Thank you for choosing us :)

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